Anisa Adam
“Anisa was 33 years old when she was killed. She could be wild, but also cute and adorable. Her parents had both died, but she had a younger brother that loved her and got excited and lightened up whenever she came home.”
Mamoeti Mosoati
“She was a dutiful daughter who loved and respected her parents and made sure they did not suffer. She taught her friends lot about life and in life. She loved to sleep and her rest. She loved joking around.”
– by Lebo (friend)
Fikile Chauke
“Fikile was a dedicated mother of 3 and always made sure that her kids had everything they needed and were properly taken care of. Her children – of which 2 are disabled – have been separated as their mother is no longer alive to provide for them.”
– by Wandai (Peer Educator) and her Aunt

Nelisiwe Thwala
“She was a proud mother of 3, always laughing and very funny person. She worked all night and went back in the morning to her children having bought for them nice things, she also volunteered for sex workers program because of her passion and love for people.”
– by Khethimpilo Peer Educator
“She was a lady and very sweet, a mother to one girl. She always buy friends drinks when she had money, but always think about her child and her family. She was killed by other sex workers. The sweet girl did not deserve to die like that.”
– by Dudu (SWEAT)
Nondumisa Sibiya
“Nondumisa was bubbly, opinionated and loved having fun! She was confident and loved wearing eye catching clothes and heels that would make her the centre of attention wherever she went, especially in the clubs. She was a fashionista.”
– by Phe (friend)
“She was a sex worker and mother. She was so sweet a person you will never ever hear her fight with her colleagues. She loved her child, a boy, and her house. She was always joking with us and because she was older than us, she did not like us to be unprofessional. She was pregnant and sick and did a back street abortion. It did not go well and because she was HIV positive she never recovered and died. The lack of information made my friend loose her life.”
– by Dudu (SWEAT)
Amanda ….
“Amanda, known as ‘shorty’ loved attention and dressing up – she craved the love of a family. She was a bundle of energy -the phrase “dynamite comes in small packages” comes to mind because she was petite but had an explosive personality. Because of her size she was always treated like the baby sister, the baby daughter. There was always a bigger sister who would take care on the role of protector, care giver and mentor. She will surely be missed. At least we can be assured that heaven is one beautiful cherub richer.”
– By Leonie Geduld
Nozipho –
“We knew her as Mimi. She was a very hard working woman who loved her work as peer educator for Sisonke. Her passion was so great that she even did more than what her job required of her. Sex workers lives mattered a lot to her and the rights of sex workers was what came first to her. At work she would always ask if she did not understand something and always ask for clarity. Mimi was a bubbly person, a go getter and always eager to learn and to teach.”
– by Thuli (her manager)